How to Push Past a Weight Loss Plateau

Japan Sousinon | June 21 2011 | 0 Comments

 At first, the pounds were melting away, but now you’ve hit a wall and you don’t know what to do.  If your weight loss success has come to an abrupt stop, kick-start it again using our helpful hints!  You’ll be burning fat and slimming down before you know it!

Here are some ways to push past a weight loss plateau and get back on the weight loss wagon!

Increase Intensity
If you’ve stopped losing weight, it may mean that your workout isn’t cutting it anymore.  You should always be challenging yourself in the gym; doing the same length and level of intensity each time will do nothing for your body.  As your muscles and your stamina improve, push yourself a little harder.  Try interval training to incorporate some short, challenging bursts of exercise into your routine.  Raise the intensity level of your workouts and you’ll soon see a difference.

Switch it Up
When you do the same old workout routine every day, your body becomes accustomed to it, making your workout less effective.  Keep your body on its toes by changing up your routine.  Attend that kickboxing class you’ve been meaning to try, buy a yoga DVD, or just use a machine at the gym you’ve never tried before.  Once you start incorporating variety into your schedule, you’re bound to see results- and fast.

Keep a Journal

Starting a food and exercise journal will shed light on many aspects of your life that you may have previously overlooked. Writing down everything you eat can reveal bad habits and unneeded calories scattered throughout your day.  This can make it easier for you to find places to cut calories- that lunchtime soda, for example. Tracking your exercise will also help you stay on top of what you’ve been doing and how often you’ve been doing it.  Try to keep track of your sleep, as well; lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, and that’s exactly what you’re trying to avoid.