2 Simple Ways to Kickstart Your Metabolism

Japan Sousinon | June 21 2011 | 0 Comments

Here are two simple steps people can do to increase their metabolism and weight loss.

One is the old cliché  of eating breakfast. A  high protein breakfast can increase the metabolism by 20%.  A good low glycemic breakfast is two whole eggs ( yes, yolks included) scrambled with Macadamia or Walnut oil and half of an avocado. Macadamia and Walnut oils have a nutty buttery taste and are extremely high in Omega 3s.  Omega 3 oils turn off fat storing cells and turn on your fat burning cells. 

The second way to increase your metabolism is to add cinnamon to your coffee or meals throughout the day. One and a half teaspoons a day is all that it takes, as it can cause blood thining for some individuals.  Cinnamon can reduce the glycemic index of a meal up to 30%, which slows down the response of insulin, a fat-storing hormone, in the body.