4 Tips to Consider Before Losing Weight

Japan Sousinon | June 21 2011 | 0 Comments

 1. The diet should be safe.

A diet should not fall short of the daily recommended nutrition levels for having a healthy way of life. It should be low in calories only, not the essential nutrients to keep a person healthy.

2. Losing weight should be in a slow and steady pace.

Do not aim for rapid weight loss unless instructed to by your doctor or physicians. The ideal weight loss would be one pound per week after the first couple of weeks of the program. Diets with calorie restrictions make a person lose weight rapidly, but most of the weight lost is mainly composed of fluid. This fluid will be gained back as fast as it was dropped when the individual returns to eating a normal diet.

3. An expert opinion should be solicited.

If a person wants to lose more than 20 pounds, it is recommended that they are evaluated by their doctor first before starting a weight loss program. A doctor can advised about the possible effects of weight loss on a person’s general well being.

4. Plans for weight maintenance should be included.

There should be a specific plan in place for a person to maintain an ideal weight once the unwanted pounds are eliminated. Maintaining the ideal weight means a complete change of lifestyle for some, since eating habits are restricted and the amount of physical activity is increased.